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Clarins eye quartet eyeshadow palette

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette №10 Iris blossom is a part of the new Clarins spring 2013 collection. The packaging is very beautiful and it contains four Clarins limited edition mineral eyeshadows Ombre Minerale, which can be used dry or wet for a more intense colour.

Three cups of tea book

"Three cups of tea" tells the real story of Greg Mortenson. It is written by David Oliver Relin. Greg is an unprofessional alpinist, he makes an unsuccessful attempt to climb the second highest mountain peak K2. On his way back he gets lost while watching the beautiful snowy landscapes and he is saved and sheltered by the Balti people. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks

I really wanted to try the new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks. I liked a lot of the colours but I bought 18 Violine strass and 08 Rose studio.

Bourjois eyeshadow trios

During my New Year's Cleaning I realized that there are products in my collection that I just never use. Some of them are pretty expensive or have a beautiful packaging and I will feel bad trowing them away. This post will be devided into a few parts because sadly I have a lot of products like that.

Beautiful creatures book

I read the first book from the Caster Chronicles Beautiful creatures more than two years ago and I really liked it then. Now I am reading the other books in the series and I am currently on the third book.