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 zoeva brushes order23.11.2013

Zoeva website (link) delivers to Bulgaria now. The brand is famous with its makeup brushes which are really good quality and are quite affordable. I ordered some not too long ago. I need some time to test the brushes before I review them. Today I am going to write about their makeup mirror which I really like.

zoeva mirror

zoeva makeup mirror

I've been wanting a nice makeup mirror for a while now. My problem is that I've been moving a lot lately and because of that I avoid buying big fragile items. When I saw the Zoeva makeup mirror I decided that it is perfect for me. You can fit it even in your everyday handbag. At the same time you get everything you may want from a good makeup mirror. The adjustable stand is really convenient and with the mirrored wings you can see different sides of your face and apply your makeup perfectly. There is one thing that I want to warn you about though, the mirror is quite enlarging and even Zoeva warns you that objects in the mirror are more beautiful than they appear. You can see all your pores and wrinkles but the good side is that you can be very precise in applying your makeup.
I am really happy that I bought this mirror!

zoeva makeup mirror

zoeva makeup mirror adjustable stand

zoeva makeup mirror

zoeva mirror writting