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Not too long ago I started writting post series called "The little things". The idea was for me to publish every month the little things that have made me smile. I have to admit though that I was pretty unserious about it and I missed some of the months but I will try to write more regularly now. For the month of October the little things are:

1. A lot of the bestselling books for young adults were translated in Bulgarian in the past few months. This month "Anna and the franch kiss" and "Lola and the boy next door" by Stephanie Perkins were discounted because of a BRAVO magazine initiative. Another one of John Green's books "Paper towns" was released in Bulgarian last week too.

anna and the french kiss and Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins


Paper towns by John Green Bulgarian cover

2. I bought this bookmark with a sheep a while ago and every time I look at it it makes me smile. I really want to buy another one but it seems like they are sold out everywhere.

sheep bookmark for books

sheep bookmark for books

3. At the moment the knuckle rings are pretty trendy. I bought all of these from H&M at a really good price.

H&M knuckle rings

4. This month I started using a mobile app called Weave (link). It allows you to make projects and to assign to-dos to them. It even helps you track your expenses. It is free and it helps me organize my day and do the most important things first. The only bad thing is that I think it is not available for Android, only for iOS.

5. I have another new favourite activity this month and it is to watch TED talks (link). It is really interesting for me to watch famous people talk about problems in our society.