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The dip by Seth Godin

I really wanted to write about some new beauty products today but this morning the weather was so cloudy and it was too dark for pictures so I decided to share with you a very interesting book instead.

Gone girl by Gillian Flynn

I have a confession to make - I am afraid to read very dark trillers. At the moment Gillian Flynn is so popular that I decided to face my fears and buy the bestsellar "Gone girl". First of all - the book is not scary at all so if you are like me, don't worry, read this book.

L'OREAL collection privee and nail BB cream

L'OREAL released some pretty interesting products lately. It was really hard for me but I restricted myself to only two new purchases. When I saw on the Internet (here) pictures of the new collection L'OREAL Collection Privee dedicated to the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival I felt an urge to go to DM or Lilly and buy everything from this collection.

It's already September. Maybe because of the long years of school the fall always feels like the beginning of something new. For most of the summer I was missing from my blog and there are a lot of things I should write about.