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Every new year comes with a willingness to change and new ideas. I am pretty obsessed with mobile apps and I decided to start a new series, every week I am going to write about a mobile app that I love. These posts will be published every Saturday.

In the first post from my new series I am going to write about the mobile app of the cloud storage service Box. I am aware that almost all of you have heard about Box and use it. The reason I chose it is that the Box app is now redesigned for iOS 7 and the Box people give 50 GB free cloud storage to everyone with an Apple device who downloads the app in the next 27 days. This is a sweet deal and I wanted to share it with you so you can take advantage.

Almost all companies that offer cloud storage give you some gigabytes for free. Here is for comparison what Box's competitors offer:
Dropbox - 2 GB free
Microsoft SkyDrive - 7 GB free
Google Drive - 15 GB free

The new Box app interface is simplified and easy to work with. If you want to create new documents from your mobile device though you will need another app. In this department Google Drive rocks giving you Google docs. Box cloud storage is mostly targeted toward businesses, it allows you to communicate with your workmates and leave comments under files. Their new app supports over 100 file types and gives you the opportunity to work with them offline. Despite the fact that if you download the app now you get 50 GB for free you still have some of the limitations of the free service, you are not allowed to upload files over 250 MB.

Sadly the offer for 50 GB free cloud storage is not on the table for Android users. Here is a short video about the new Box app design that I took from their official YouTube channel.