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Urban Decay eyeshadow in Desperation

There are three Urban Decay NAKED palettes packed with beautiful neutral eyeshadows. I needed some time to convince myself to spend a little more and get one of their individual eyeshadows. I totally fell in love with the shade Desperation.

#GIRLBOSS by Sofia Amoruso

This book can be seen photographed in almost every fashion blog at the moment. And of course I had to read it. Sofia Amoruso makes an eBay store for vintage clothes called Nasty gal when she is 22 years old. Now she is 28 and she owns an Internet business for millions.

Clinique Chubby stick shadow tint for eyes in 09 lavish lilac

I've been wanting to try Clinique Chubby stick shadow tint for eyes. The shadows came out in Bulgaria only a few months ago. I quite like Clinique makeup, even more than their famous skincare line.

The story of Twitter

I managed to read just two books in May. One of them was Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton. I was very curious to find out more about Twitter, because I think that it is the social network that is based on the weirdest idea of all. Almost noone in my life uses Twitter and most of them say that they don't quite understand it.

Guerlain Meteorites Aquarella

Guarlain Meteorites were in my wishlist for a while. I decided to finally buy them and I purchased the limited edition ones for summer 2014 Guerlain Meteorites Aquarella. I know that this cult product has a lot of fans, who buy every new version that comes out.