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The girl on the train by Paola Hawkins


four stars

I need to catch up on this year’s bestsellers so I started with The girl on the train by Paola Hawkins. This book is on everyone’s reading list for 2015. I read it right on time because The girl on the train is coming out in Bulgarian on 10.08.2015 . The Bulgarian cover is just terrible, but you definitely shouldn’t judge this book by its cover.

The book is compared to Gone girl by Gillian Flynn (I’ve written about it here). The stories have nothing in common besides the missing girl, but the genre is the same.

The girl on the train is told from tree persons perspective. The main character Rachel is devastated after her divorce. She blames herself and drinks way too much. Rachel goes to work every day taking the train which passes by her old neighbourhood. Through the window she watches every day a young family and to her they look so perfect together. The second nerrator of the story is the woman who lives in this house Megan. She is the girl who goes missing. The third narrator is Rachel’s ex husband’s new wife Anna.

Rachel is an alcoholic and she can’t remember everything clearly. The best part of this story are the characters. Paola Hawkins has done her homework and the book is a very realistic portrait of a psychopath. Just like Gone girl this book is about the evil in the everyday life.

I really enjoyed The girl on the train and I recommend it. The book is well written and the characters are really interesting. The ending was not very unpredictable though.