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What I read this month: December 2015


The posts "What I read this month" are back as promised. This month I am once again late with this post, but you know better late than never. So here are the books I read in December of last year:

1. Big magic:Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbertfive stars

Page number: 285
Publication date: September 2015
Translated in Bulgarian: no, I am quite surprised actually
Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, prey, love. I actually haven't read the book. I watched the movie and wasn't impressed. I really liked Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk (you can watch it here) and I always enjoy reading or watching interviews with her. Her new book Big magic is about creativity. In the book Elizabeth Gilbert shares her experience and advice and talks about the creative process of writing her books. I really enjoyed this book. If you are a creative person it can warm your heart. I read it three times and even bought the audio book because Elizabeth Gilbert reads it herself. Now I'm strongly considering reading Eat, Prey, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert definitely won me as a reader. I highly recommend Big magic.

2. The revolution of Ivy by Amy Engelthree stars

Page number: 400
Publication date: November 2015
Translated in Bulgarian: no
In October I read The book of Ivy - the first book in a new duology (you can read more about it here). Fortunately I didn't have to wait very long for the second book The revolution of Ivy. I didn't like The revolution of Ivy as much as The book of Ivy. There were a few new characters, but in general I found the book to be too long and I think that maybe the story should have been a standalone instead of a duology.

3. Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacsonfour stars

Page number:704
Publication date: May 2008
Translated in Bulgarian: yes
For me Walter Isaacson is the best author of biographies out there and I want to read all of his books. It took me a while to finish reading Einstein: His Life and Universe. This one is different from the other Issacson books that I have read, it's more of a documentary. It's not a page turner. I also refreshed my knowledge of physics from school. You can learn a lot from this book not only about Enstein, but also about this period in history - World War II and the atomic bomb. Einstein: His Life and Universe is worth reading, but if you haven't read any books by Walter Isaacson keep in mind that the his other books are easier to read than this one.