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  • 2017-05-10
Bourjois Rouge Laque in the 01 Majes’ pink

I was quite hesitant to buy the new Bourjois Rouge Laque lipstick. I liked the matte version Rouge Edition Velvet, wasn’t impressed by the glossy one Rouge Edition Aqua Laque (review here) and definitely disliked Soufle de Velvet.

The finish

The most important thing you should know about Rouge Laque is that it’s not a lip lacquer. The finish is one of the things I don’t like about this product. Rouge Laque does not give you the glossy effect, the lipstick is not even a satin. The finish reminds me of the liquid lipsticks 15 years ago, it’s like you’ve applied it and it can’t even dry. The applicator is precise and allows layering.

The packaging and the colors

The writing on the packaging wears off, you can see it starting to happen in the photo. The writing on my lipstick is now totally gone. The shades in the range are quite bright and I advice you to swatch them on your hand, because they differ from the color of the packaging. I bought 01 Majes’ pink expecting it to be a coral pink and it turned out to be much darker. There were only two lighter neutral shades and if you’re looking for an everyday lipstick I guess you should pick one of them.

The formulation

Bourjois Rouge Laque has the same cooling effect on the lips as Rouge Edition Aqua Laque. It smells the same as the other products in the range. I don’t have issues with feathering or transferring, but I recommend using a lip liner because the shades are bright. You get 6 ml. of product. The formulation is quite nice. Rouge Laque does not dry out my lips. Of all four Bourjois liquid lipsticks, this one is the best option for people with chapped lips.

The longevity

The most impressive thing about this product is how long lasting it is. After a few hours of wear, you’re left with a lip stain. If you don’t use a makeup remover before bed, in the morning you’ll still have a lipstick left.


Overall my opinion is that Bourjois Rouge Laque lipsticks are bright and hydrating. The product is long-lasting, but the finish is not glossy and it’s a little old fashioned.

Bourjois Rouge Laque in the 01 Majes’ pink