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  • 2019-10-27
Urban Decay Honey palette


I was looking forward to the new Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette. I like the yellowish gold and it looked right up my alley. I ordered the palette online, I have no idea when it will be available in Bulgaria.

The shades

The eyeshadows in the palette are exactly the colours you can see looking at a bee. Online Naked Honey looks like a very yellow palette, but it really depends on your skin tone. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and on me even the most out there shade Honey looks like an everyday colour. If you have more of a pinkish undertone you’ll get more of a contrast with this palette. If you’re not sure about the colours better try Naked Honey in store. I knew that I like such shades and that’s why I ordered online. The only thing missing is probably a really dark (black) shade.


The eyeshadows are really good quality. I have no complains. The shades Honey and Golden have some fallout while you are doing your makeup so you need to clean the under eye area afterwards. I don’t have any issues during the day so all is well and good. The mattes are soft and easy to work with too.

The packaging

For me this is the prettiest Naked palette packaging so far - honey gold. Everything else is typical for the brand - 12 shades 0,95g. each.

In a nutshell: Urban Decay Naked Honey is a good quality palette. If you like the colours I definitely recommend it.

Urban decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette swatches

P.S. The palette is bought with my own money. The opinion is personal.