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  • My favourite apps: Job Interviw Q&A

    Job interview Q&A app

    Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably know that last week I had a job interview. I am always quite nervous in situations like that where somebody else have to evaluate me.

  • My favourite apps: You get 50 GB free cloud storage if you download the new iOS 7 Box app in the next 27 days

    Every new year comes with a willingness to change and new ideas. I am pretty obsessed with mobile apps and I decided to start a new series, every week I am going to write about a mobile app that I love. These posts will be published every Saturday.

  • My favourite apps: Blogilates

    Blogilates app

    I am really lazy and I don't like sports. A while ago I discovered a YouTube channel called Blogilates and I really liked the Pop pilates workouts. The instructor Cassey is always so sunny and full of positive energy.

  • My favourite apps: Grid Diary

    Grid diary app

    I've always liked the idea of keeping a journal, it is quite interesting to open it and read little things that you can no longer remember. The problem is that this activity takes a lot of time, I am very tired in the evenings and to be honest I am afraid that somebody may read it.

  • My favourite apps: Spotify finally available in Bulgaria

    Spotify app

    I know you all have heard about Spotify by now and at the monemt you are thinking that this is the most boring series you have ever read. The thing is that the service Spotify is finally available in Bulgaria and this is the first service of its kind that is available here.

  • My favourite apps: Temple Run:Oz

    Temple run Oz app

    Temple Run:Oz is one of my favourite games. This mobile app is not new, but I really like it. The game Temple run has a few versions and they are all really dynamic, but Temple Run:Oz is based on the movie "Oz the great and powerful" and it is in collaboration with Disney.

  • My favourite apps: The rainbowers

    The Rainbowers app

    Meet The Rainbowers. They are kind of ugly, but really cute creatures, who inhabit the Rainbow Valley and feast upon color drops from the rainbow.