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 the everything store jeff bezos and the age of Amazon book cover


four stars

Not too long ago I read Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson and I was really impressed by it. You can read my review here. Sadly I didn't like at all the movie "Jobs". I think that the only good thing in it is Ashton Kutcher.

After reading Steve Jobs' biography I thought about whose biography will be equally interesting for me to read next. The answer was - Jeff Bezos'. When I stumbled upon "The everything store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon" by Brad Stone while browsing on I immediately bought it and started reading it on my Kindle. The book is about the founding of maybe the biggest online retailer in the world at the moment -

The main difference between Steve Jobs' biography and "The everything store" is that "The everything store" is less about Bezos' personality and more about events. The book was harshly criticized, many people accused Brad Stone of inaccuracies in the story. I personally liked the "Everything store" but I guess it won't be the last and the best written book about I expect even Jeff Bezos himself to decide to share the story of his company with the world in the future.

The Amazon's founder quits his Wall Street job to create an online bookstore. He sees how fast Internet is growing and decides that this is his chance for success. Only few people believe in his business idea and that Amazon will survive after the big bookstore chains go online. Bezos belives that Amazon will survive if it grows rapidly and offers all kind of goods.

In "The everything store" you can read about the competition between Amazon and Ebay, about the creation of the Kindle, about how Amazon is transformed into a technological company which provides cloud services.