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bared to you crossfire novels covers



2012 was definately the year of the erotic novels. After the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" another book series found its way to the bestsellars' lists - the Crossfire trilogy by Sylvia Day. Two books are already published, only the first one "Bared to you" is translated in Bulgarian. I had high hopes for this book. Most reviews said that it is better written than "Fifty shades of Grey" and that the characters in it are more complicated. I ended up quite disappointed.

The main character Eva starts a new job and she meets Gideon, who is of course also and her boss. He is described as incredibly good looking and rich, all women fall for him. Eva is very attractive too and in comparison with Anastasia from "Fifty shades of Grey" is a strong character. Eva and Gideon both have traumatic abusive childhoods. They are trying to be together despite their demons. This describes the storyline.

If you like erotic romantic novels you may like "Bared to you". My opinion is that Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts write much better books than this one. There are definitely similarities between "Bared to you" and "Fifty shades of Grey". Sylvia Day's novels are missing exactly the elements that make "Fifty shades of Grey" such a bestsellar - the fairy-tale like storyline and the sadomasohistic erotic scenes that make people read just out of pure curiosity.

I don't like to write negative reviews but I think that it is helpful when it comes to a bestsellar. When you don't have much time for reading and you go into a bookstore you usually end up buying the recommended by all bestsellar.