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 3.06.2013four stars

miranda kerr treasure yourself:Power thoughts for my generation

Even the most confident woman can feel insecure after watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Miranda Kerr is no longer one of the angels of the brand. The beauty is busy with her organic cosmetics brand KORA organics, she raises a baby boy from the actor Orlando Bloom and she is in the process of writing her second book. Miranda has her own philosophy for life, which she shares in her first book Treasure yourself. (Sadly, it is not translated in Bulgarian).
Honestly I had pretty low expectations for this book because what kind of life advices can you get from someone who looks like Miranda Kerr. I was pleasantly surprised by Treasure yourself. I won't be writing a long review because the book is quite short. I read it in a few hours. I can't say that you can learn a lot from this book but it is a pleasnt read. Miranda Kerr shares some of her biography with the reader. Some of her advices are:
- Feel good in your own skin, because the confident woman is pretty.
- Smile! Dance!
- Let your confidance come from within you not from the opinions of others!
Miranda shares some of her beauty secrets. 80% of the things she eats are healthy and organic. The other 20% of her menu are temptations like chocolate and her favourite fried chicken. She loves yoga and the balanced way of life.