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maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h in 08 black gold


The new Maybelline eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner is definitely the most waterproof gel eyeliner that I have ever used. Maybelline warns you on the packaging of the product that you will be needing eye make-up remover for waterproof make-up, that you should close the jar tightly and clean the brush after every use. The eyeliner is definitely hard to get off, Bioderma does not remove it completely. For me this is definitely a minus, because I don't like to rub my eyes too much, but for people with oily eyelids the waterproof formula can be welcomed. I usually have a trouble with eyeshadow creasing, eyeliner do not crease often on me. The product is nicely packaged in a box, which garantees you that it is not used before you (in Bulgaria drugstore products usually do not come in plastic packaging).The jar itself is quite interesting, the cap is like a bottle cap.

maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner in 08 black gold

The product comes in three colours - chrome black, black gold and navy. Sadly there are no testers in the stores so I can write only about the colour that I bought 08 black gold - black with gold shimmer. Black Gold is not a very intense black colour, but it is a good everyday eyeliner. It looks amazing with Maybelline color tattoo in On and On Bronze. Lately I've been wearing both these products as an everyday make-up. Applying this eyeliner is easy, the product comes with a brush. The brush is not as good as the brush that comes with the LOREAL gel eyeliner, but you can manage with it. The biggest plus of this gel eyeliner are the amazing colours!

maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h in black gold

maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h in 08 black gold