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I really want to take some nice photos but the weather outside is just awful. Today I decided to write a post named "Ten things I hate about makeup". I saw it a while ago on this blog (link) and I dicided that it is a pretty interesting idea. It wasn't easy for me to come up with ten things I hate about one of my favourite things in the world, but I managed. I hope that soon we can have some sunny days because this cold, dark and rainy weather really started to depress me. So here are the ten things I hate about makeup:

1. I really hate when I buy a beauty product, which has been opened in the store and someone has used it before me. This happens often in drugstores like DM and Lilly but I have had such experiences even with makeup bought from counters with a salesperson there. I think that the beauty products offered in the drugstores must be well packaged like the Revlon products are. When you buy a lipstick you can find out whether it has been used but with mascaras and lip glosses you have no way of knowing what you are putting on your face.

2. Another thing that I don't like are some rude salespeople usully selling high end makeup. They stare at you like you are going to steal something and don't even let you touch the testers. No woman is going to buy an expensive beauty product if she can't test it first!

3. I don't like how expensive the beauty products are getting these days. I understand that it is because of the bad economy, but I do not like it!

4. I don't like the fact that a lot of high end brands still use harmful ingredients like parabens in their products. I hate when i spend a lot of money on something and I then find out that it is bad for my health.

5. We don't get all new seasonal makeup collections here in Bulgaria anymore. That is just unfair!

6. I don't like it when stores stock very limited number of really wanted beauty products and they keep them for selected clients only.

7. Very often the beauty brands blackmail their customers into buying by making products limited edition.

8. Some beauty products are really expensive but their quality is not good. Some cheap products turn out to be real gems. Many women feel bad because they can't afford to buy expensive cosmetics but it is all just a marketing strategy.

9. I hate when brands make strongly scented products. I have a problem with strong smells and they cause allergies in a lot of people.

10. When I am really tired I hate the fact that I have to find some strenght and remove my makeup before I go to bed.