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 Grid diary app


This post was supposed to be published yesterday, but my Internet for the past few days was awful. I am really sorry for the delay and I want to assure you that the posts from this series will continue to be published every Saturday.

I've always liked the idea of keeping a journal, it is quite interesting to open it and read little things that you can no longer remember. The problem is that this activity takes a lot of time, I am very tired in the evenings and to be honest I am afraid that somebody may read it.

There are a few mobile apps that can make keeping a journal easier. My favourite is Grid Diary (link). Writing in your journal with this app happens as you answer to a few quaestions every day. You can choose specific questions for the app to ask you or it can ask you random questions.

Thanks to your phone, which is always with you, you can easily find time during the day to write in your journal. Grid Diary lets you set a password so your information can be protected. This days we have a lot of personal data on our smartphones and I understand that using your phone as a diary may scare a lot of people. The questions that you choose in Grid Diary may not be personal at all, they may be connected to some goals that you want to achieve. I, for example added the question "Did you complain a lot today?" ,because I am trying to be more positive.

Grid Diary is available for iPhone, I read in some blogs that there is a version for Android as well, but I wasn't able to find it in Google Play. This app is paid and it costs 2,99 euro, which is not that cheap. You have to know though that Grid Diary is developed by professionals. You can mark every day what the weather was and you can rate your day with from one to five stars. The interface is really easy to use and I can say that Grid Diary is one of the most beautiful apps on my phone.Do you use your phone as a journal?

Grid diary app