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 temple run oz mobile app


This post is one day late. I had such a stressful and eventful week. This month I've written mainly about mobile apps and books so next week I'll try to write more about beauty products.

Temple Run:Oz is one of my favourite games. This mobile app is not new, but I really like it. The game Temple run has a few versions and they are all really dynamic, but Temple Run:Oz is based on the movie "Oz the great and powerful" and it is in collaboration with Disney.

In the game you are the wizard, who has to run through the four magical lands and face multiple obstacles. There are weekly challenges every week, you have to collect coins and emeralds, which can give you additional lives. With the coins you can buy powers like magical stumbleproof boots.

temple run oz

A lot of the special effects from the movie "Oz the great and powerful" are present in the game too. This app is available for iOS and Android. Sadly the game is paid, it costs 1,79 euro, but I think it is worth it. I had some problems when I installed the game, my phone froze, but after I restarted it it was all fine. Sometimes the different apps conflict with each other.

temple run:oz app