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 Spotify app


I know you all have heard about Spotify by now and at the monemt you are thinking that this is the most boring series you have ever read. The thing is that the service Spotify is finally available in Bulgaria and this is the first service of its kind that is available here. I downloaded the free app on my phone more than a month ago and I am already subscribed.

Spotify can be installed on your computer, on your smartphone and on your tablet, you can listen to music online too. The mobile app is completely free to download, but the free smartphone app is different from the free tablet app. On your phone you can listen to the songs in your playlists only in shuffle mode and it won't allow you to create a playlist with a single song in it (I know because I tried). With the tablet app you can play any song you like. If you are not subscribed to Spotify you can listen to Spotify music only when your device is connected to the Internet.

The subscribtion fee in Bulgaria is 4,99 euro a month and it is cheaper than in other countries. The paid service allows you to download music, which you can listen to when you are offline, but you are not allowed to transfer the files to your computer or burn a CD. With Spotify it is like you are subscribed to the library and you can rent music as long as you are subscribed. You can basicly find any song you can think of and the service is completely legal. I had some issues with the Windows firewall when I installed Spotify on my PC, but it wasn't anything serious. The app interface is really easy to use. Spotify allows you to follow friends and share songs and playlists with them.

Today it is not that hard to find pirate music, but I keep remembering Steve Jobs's words that it brings you bad karma, if you steal, somebody is going to steal from you. Spotify gives you the opportunity to listen to music albums for cheaper than if you have to purchase them and this is a good option to have.