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 #GIRLBOSS by Sofia Amoruso


three stars

This book can be seen photographed in almost every fashion blog at the moment. And of course I had to read it. Sofia Amoruso makes an eBay store for vintage clothes called Nasty gal when she is 22 years old. Now she is 28 and she owns an Internet business for millions. Last year Sheryl Sandberg's Lean in (you can read more about it here) was one of the bestsellars. The main reason I wanted to read #GIRLBOSS was that Sofia Amoruso succeeds as an entrepreneur, other business women like Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg got rich being employees in big companies. Almost all women millionaires either inherit their money or merry rich. The women who succeed on their own are really few.

#GIRLBOSS is not a feminist book. Sofia writes about how she didn't fit in at school, how she couldn't keep a job, she spends part of her life supporting herself with stealing. She starts receiving myspace messages from eBay store owners, they ask her to check out their stores. At this time Sofia wears almost all vintage. She decides to make an eBay store for vintage clothes. Today Nasty gal is a website which offers both new and second-hand clothing.

This book is a pleasant and light read, but to be honest I didn't learn almost anything from it. The only recipe for success that Sofia Amoruso offers the reader is to work hard. We all know that and most of us work hard!

For me #GIRLBOSS was a very chaotic book. Sofia Amoruso writes about her problems with keeping a job, then she starts giving you advices how to behave at work. Her success is really impressive and she can motivate you to follow your dreams. There is no practical advices on how to create your own business in this book. Sofia doesn't write about the obstacles she had to overcome.

I was slightly disappointed.