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Lately I've been having this feeling that they just don't make good movies anymore. If a movie is based on a popular book, it should be good right. I was very disappointed by the film adaptations of "Beautiful creatures" and of the movie based on Steve Jobs' biography "Jobs". This year we'll see a few amazing novels come to life and I am really hoping for them not to disappoint me.

Vampire Academy

You can watch now in theatres the movie based on the first book of the best vampire series in my opinion "Vampire academy". I think that the trailer looks awful, but the feedback from the movie has been good. I haven't seen it yet. Sadly there won't be a second movie. If you haven't read the six books in the "Vampire academy" series, I highly recommend them. Don't let the title of this series fool you, this is the best vampire story I've read..

The fault in our stars
After watching the trailer for this movie, I am sure in only one thing - I'll be crying in the theatre. I've written a post about "The fault in our stars" here. The movie based on the John Green's bestsellar definitely deserves attention, the author himself has a part in it. He doesn't want to say who he is going to play, but taking into account the fact that there is a weird writer in the story we can guess. The book tells the love story of two teenagers fighting cancer. The premiere of the movie will be this July. We'll see Shailene Woodley as Hazel Grace.

Another movie with Shailene Woodley in the leading role is "Divergent". The trailer looks promising and this is the movie that I can't wait to watch. I've written more about the Veronica Roth series here and here. I am not a big fan of the TV show "The secret life of the American teenager" and I hope Shailene Woodley can handle the roles of Hazel in "The fault in our stars" and of Tris in "Divergent". A detail that cought my attention in the trailer is the fact that Tris is wearing makeup while she still belongs to Abnegation..

Heaven is for real

The movie is based on the book "Heaven is for real" by the Wesleyan pastor Todd Burpo, who tells the story of his 4 years old son, who after an emergency operation starts acting like he's been in heaven. The interesting part is that this book is based on true events.

The seventh son
Another fantasy story written by Orson Scott Card comes to life on the big screen. I haven't read these books, but they look intriguing. The movie should be in theatres by now, but because of problems between the production houses, the premiere date is not confirmed. "The seventh son" tells the story of Alvin, the seventh son of the seventh son, who has special powers. The book takes place in an alternative reality of the 19th century America.

Winter's tale

This is another story that I haven't read. In fact the book "Winter's tale" by Mark Helprin got mixed reviews. The trailer looks really good though!