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 Lancome Lip Lover Rose des Nymphes


The new Lancome lip product Lip Lover gets a lot of positive reviews in the blogging world. I really wanted to try it mainly because the face of the ad campain is Lily Collins, who is one of my favorite actresses at the moment. Lancome Lip Lover is a 3 in 1 product - lipbalm, lip gloss and lipstick in one. I bought the shade 333 Rose des Nymphes. There are a lot of shades to choose from in the range. Lancome Lip lover promises eight hours of moisture for your lips and to improve their condition. 333 Rose des Nymphes is a deep pink color with some barely noticeable shimmer in it.

Lancome Lip Lover 333 Rose des Nymphes

The first thing I thought about after I applied this product for the first time was that it reminds me of another lip gloss - Bourjois 3D Max. Lancome Lip Lover smells exactly like the Bourjois lip glosses. Another interesting fact is that Bourjois released another version of their 3D lip gloss which promises 8h moisture, Lip Lover promises the same thing. As far as I know L'OREAL owns Lancome, but not Bourjois and I can't find an explanation why these two products are practically identical.

Lancome Lip Lover in 333 Rose des Nymphes

About Lancome Lip Lover, the product is indeed really good, it makes the lips extremely glossy. Its formulation is quite thick and a little bit sticky. The packaging has a very interesting opening mechanism and you get with it 4,5 g. of product.

I like Lancome Lip Lover a lot, the product is indeed hydratating, but I can't say that is an unique lip gloss. If you own a lot of lip products and especially if you own Bourjois 3D Max, you can skip buying Lancome Lip Lover.

Lancome Lip Lover in 333 Rose des Nymphes swatch