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 Illamasqua Sculpting duo in Lumos & Heliopolis


Illamasqua is a brand that became popular with its creativity and its bright makeup shades. This year the brand released a lot of products for everyday makeup and soon they are even releasing an eyeshadow palette with natural colours. I really like my Illamasqua Glamore Nude lipstick (review here). Another Illamasqua product that is currently in my everyday makeup bag is the sculpting powder duo in Lumos & Heliopolis. I discovered it while browsing the Illamasqua website and I decided to give it a go. I am surprised that I haven't heard about this product before because it is amazing. I decided that it deserves to write a whole post about it.

Illamasqua sculpting powder duo in Lumos & Heliopolis

Lumos & Heliopolis is a sculpting powder duo, it includes a highlighter and a bronzer. It is targeted towards women with fair skin. There is another sculpting duo Illuminate & Nefertiti which is for the darker skintones. It comes in the familiar Illamasqua packaging and you get 3g. highlighter and 3g. bronzing powder. The product has the typical Illamasqua scent, which I adore, to me it smells like bisquits. The palette has a mirror.

At first I was kind of scared because the highlighter looks like it has glitter in it. You can't even notice it on the skin. This is the most natural looking highlighter that I own. The bronzing powder has grey undertones and it is great for contouring. You can't get the sunkissed effect with this bronzer though, it is strictly for sculpting of the face.

To apply the highlighter you can use any brush and even your fingers. To apply the bronzer I use Illamasqua Blush up brush, because it is the perfect size for the packaging and does a good job for contouring. Both shades are very pigmented but they look very natural when applied.

I highly recommend Lumos & Heliopolis. The product is great for people who don't have a lot of experience with makeup and it is a good everyday makeup item.

Illamasqua sculpting duo in Lumos & Heliopolis, swatches