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Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution lipstick in the shade 1975 Red


The Charlotte Tilbury products are definitely quite hyped. So I decided to finally try something by the brand. We don't have it in stores here in Bulgaria, but at least we can order online. My advice is to avoid ordering lipsticks in August, because my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick arrived melted. The good news is that I managed to fix it.

The packaging is amazing - rose gold. I even think that it looks better than the packaging of the YSL lipsticks. I expected the bullet to be heavier though, that would have make it feel even more luxurious. You get 3,5 g. of product.

The lipstick Red 1975 is a part of the last Charlotte Tilbury collection, it's in collaboration with Norman Parkinson. This product is a limited edition one. Red 1975 actually is very similar to the Kendall Jenner lipstick for EL (review here), the formulation and the colour are similar. Both lipsticks smell of vanilla, but the scent is slightly different. The Kendall Jenner shade is more of an orange and the Charlotte Tilbury one is more of a red. The formulation of Red 1975 is a little bit drier, but it does not dry out my lips. It lasts around 8 hours.

In conclusion the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are exactly as good as everyone says they are. The packaging really impressed me. If you haven't tried anything by Charlotte Tilbury my advice is - just don't, now I want everything by the brand.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte revolution lipstick in the shade 1975 Red