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Dior Fix it 2-IN-1 Prime & Conceal


We use concealer for a lot of things - to conceal the undereye circles, to cover face imperfections, to discolor the lips before applying a bright lipstick, to contour. It's difficult to find a product that does it all. Dior Fix it 2 in 1 is inspired by the backstage makeup techniques and it promises to be this magical concealer that can meet all of your face correcting needs.

Dior Fix it 2-IN-1 Prime & Conceal

Dior Fix it comes in the same packaging as the old Dior Addict lipsticks and you get 3,5 g. of product. I have the lightest shade 001. The concealer is in the form of a stick and the inner part is a transparent base. Dior Fix it 2 in 1 is a part of the Dior fall collection but I really hope that it stays in the permanent range. The formulation is very interesting, it melts into the skin and you get the airbrush effect. This concealer does not dry out the skin and it feels really lightweight. It works great for covering up blemishes because it does not emphasize them.

Fix it 2-IN-1 Prime & Conceal

The coverage is medium, keep in mind that the inner part of the product is transparent. If you struggle with deep undereye circles it may not be able to conceal them completely. It works great for me and I like to use it under my eyes. I was extremely curious to test it under a lipstick. After you apply it on your lips, of course, you look dead, it also emphasizes all imperfections and dry areas of your lips. It also slightly changes the colour of the lipstick you put on top of it. I like using it under lip glosses because then you can get the real lip gloss colour on your lips. When it comes to lipstick I'll probably stick with using just a nude lipstick like MAC Myth.

This concealer is definitely an interesting product and the beauty addicts would like it. It may not be for you if you are looking for a seriously good coverage.

Dior Fix it 2-IN-1 Prime & Conceal