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Tom Ford Cream color for eyes in 01 Platinum


Tom Ford’s makeup range got a lot of hype in the blogging world. I was kind of skeptical about it because his makeup was mostly sent to popular bloggers and it’s really expensive. I finally caved and got one of the Cream color for eyes eyeshadows in the shade 01 Platinum. These eyeshadows are a part of Tom Ford spring collection, there is no conclusive information whether these will be permanent. 

Tom Ford Cream color for eyes in 01 PlatinumThe main reason I decided to get it is that all the reviews I read claimed that these eyeshadows do not crease. I have very oily eyelids and almost all eyeshadows crease on me. Tom Ford Cream color for eyes are really long lasting. And they don’t crease on me! I don’t think that they can be used as an eyeshadow base. If you apply the eyeshadow by itself it lasts all day, but if you put another eyeshadow on top of it, the other eyeshadow will crease. This is an important thing to know because I was contemplating getting one of the more neutral shades. Platinum is the most popular shade in the range and it’s been a part of a limited edition collection before. I’m so glad I got this colour. It is very unique, looks different under different lighting and it is all you need on your eyes for a perfect eye look. This is one of those eyeshadows that everyone notices.

It’s a mousse formula - between a liquid and a cream eyeshadow. It is very easy to work with, you can use any eyeshadow brush you have or just your fingers. The formulation is similar to the formulation of KIKO Color shock long lasting eyeshadows (you can read more about them here), but the KIKO eyeshadows have a lot of shimmer which is a nightmare to remove. Tom Ford Cream color eyeshadows are very easy to remove. But if KIKO improve their formulation a little bit we may have a dupe.

Tom Ford Cream color for eyes in 01 PlatinumTom Ford eyeshadows come in a small jar, you get 5 ml. of product. The packaging looks luxurious, but I’m not really impressed by it.

Does it worth splurging on? The colour is really unique and I haven’t seen anything like it. If you have oily eyelids, these eyeshadows are really long lasting. A girl on Instagram (you can find me here) shared with me that this eyeshadow creased on her. Some things just depend on the individual!