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Clarins Summer 2016: Bronzing & Blush Compact and Ombré Waterproof Shimmering cream colour in 02 golden sand


I finally managed to sit down and write my review of these two products from Clarins’ summer collection. At least the summer is not over yet. I quite liked this collection.

Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact Summer 2016

Clarins Summer 2016 Bronzing & Blush Compact In the last few years there is always a bronzer in Clarins’ summer makeup collections, every year it has a different beautiful design, every year I am very tempted to buy it. This time I couldn’t resist it and I got it, I don’t regret it at all. I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about this product. The packaging, as you can see in the photos, is gorgeous. The print remains for quite some time after you start using the bronzer. The powder itself smells really nice. Inside you get a blush, 2 matte bronzers and another bronzer with a subtle shimmer. The total amount of product you are getting is 20 g.. You can combine the shades as you wish. I would say this product is more suitable for the fair skin tones, because the blush and two of the bronzers are light colours. The formulation is quite pleasant, medium pigmentation, it is not at all powdery. I use it mainly as a bronzer, but one of the shades can be used for contouring as well. I definitely really like this product.

Clarins Summer 2016 Bronzing & Blush Compact swatches

Clarins Ombré Waterproof Shimmering cream colour in 02 golden sand

Clarins Ombré Waterproof Shimmering cream colour in 02 golden sandTo be honest I noticed these eyeshadows mainly because of their lovely metallic packaging. I bought the shade 02 golden sand which is indeed a sandy gold colour. I have very oily eyelids and 99% of the eyeshadows crease on me. Clarins Ombré Waterproof lasts all day and does not crease so I just wear it all the time. All liquid eyeshadows usually get mixed reviews, some people like them, some people hate them. I am a fan of the formula. But if you don’t have oily eyelids you should know that the Ombré Waterproof eyeshadows have some texture and don’t look smooth on the skin. Whatever imperfections on the eyelids you have they will emphasise them. Another thing is that they are not good as a base, if you apply an eyeshadow on top of them it looks like you’ve applied 100 layers of product. I use 02 golden sand all over the lid with another eyeshadow in the crease and an eyeliner, that’s my summer eye makeup. Applying this eyeshadow evenly is a bit of a challenge at first, but I got used to it. I like it mainly because it’s so long-lasting. The colour 02 golden sand is really pretty and I don’t own anything like it. I suspect that for some people these eyeshadows may be disappointing.

I own another product that is included in this collection - the waterproof mascara, but it is not limited edition. The two products in this post are limited edition. So I decided to write about the mascara in a different post.

Clarins Ombré Waterproof Shimmering cream colour в 02 golden sand swatch