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Fall makeup bits


I never celebrate Halloween. This year thought, with all the Instagram posts of pumpkins and costumes, I found myself excited about the holiday. So I decided that I need to write a fall themed post. These are a few makeup bits that are suitable for everyday and at the same time are fall appropriate.

Essie Playing koi and Essie Frock n'roll

I couldn’t wait for the Essie fall collection so I can get my hands on the shade Playing koi. I bought it today so I can’t really tell anything about the formula yet. I just had to include it because it’s the perfect fall shade - a pumpkin-caramel orange color. Frock n'roll was a part of last year’s winter collection. This post really needed a vampy nail polish and I find this dark grey color with silver sparkles to be perfect. It’s from an old collection, but you can still find it in stores.

Urban Decay Venom

Venom is a dark berry color, it’s not dark enough to be considered a vampy shade. I own the lipstick in the old packaging. Urban Decay renewed their lipstick range, but this color is still present. When it comes down to the formulation, I don’t think that Venom is that impressive. It applies kind of unevenly. That’s why I had to purchase the corresponding 24/7 Glide-on pencil. The lip pencil is quite creamy, but at the same time is not too soft. This one I definitely recommend. I have to write a post about my Urban Decay lipsticks someday.

MAC Stars 'n' Rockets eyeshadow

I own this pinky purple eyeshadow for some time now. This shade was very popular in the blogging world, but I couldn’t find a way to wear it. I am all about Stars 'n' Rockets at the moment. This color makes wearable a lot of bright eyeshadow combinations. When I got it, I tried to wear it with neutral eyeshadows and I didn’t like the results. With bright shades though, Stars 'n' Rockets does wonders.

MAC Stars 'n' Rockets - swatches

LLUMS bronzer

LLUMS is the new makeup brand of Lilly drugstores. I bought a few products and to be honest my first impressions were negative. I liked this shimmering bronzer though. The color is not bad at all, but it’s shimmery like a highlighter. I wouldn’t say that this product is very wearable, but it looks pretty. You can get a highlighter from the light veins of the bronzer.

LLUMS bronzer, Lilly drugstores brand, swatches