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Urban Decay Ultimate basics swatches


Urban decay released a new NAKED palette and I couldn’t resist it, one again . I blame the song from the ad, just couldn’t get it out of my head (it’s Royal Jelly by Deep Valley, if you are wondering). To be fair I really needed some matte neutral eyeshadows and I know for a fact that my Mom won’t mind getting the palette if I don’t get along with it. These colors are great for an older lady. She really likes the NAKED Basics palettes.

I would say that when it comes to the packaging, this one is the most impressive Urban Decay palette yet. It looks like rose gold, but it’s actually plastic and very light weight. There is a gorgeous big mirror inside, which is perfect for makeup. The problem is that mine was apparently not well glued so it fell off.

Urban Decay Ultimate basis mirror problemThe palette comes with a two-sided short-handle brush, which I personally dislike. Ultimate basics contains 12 eyeshadows 1,2 g. each. The regular NAKED palettes contain 12 eyeshadows 1,3 g. .The difference is not only in the layout, you get a little bit less product. The only non matte shade in the palette is Blow. I really like this one, the finish is between Satin and Frost, it’s similar to MAC Naked Lunch.

Urban Decay Ultimate basics palette

Urban Decay Ultimate basics paletteWhat I find disappointing about the Ultimate basics is that there aren’t many matte highlighters. Nudie and Commando are very close to my natural skin tone, Pre-game is not completely opaque (if you apply it all over the lid, it’s semi transparent). There are a lot of transitional and dark matte colors. Lethal is my favorite color in the palette. Extra bitter and Magnet are also very interesting.

The formulation is quite creamy. I think that these crease more than the other Urban Decay eyeshadows that I own. With the exception of Pre-game, the colors are pretty pigmented.

Overall I like the palette. I think it’s different than the other NAKED palettes, which contain mostly shimmery eyeshadows. It differs from the NAKED basics too because there aren’t many highlighters in this one. If you are on a hunt for a matte neutral palette, you’ll like it. It’s quite pretty too.

urban Decay Ultimate basics palette