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MAC Whirl lipstick


If you follow me on social media, you probably know that I managed to find a MAC store with Back2MAC (not in Bulgaria) and I exchanged my MAC empties for some lipsticks. One of these lippies was Whirl. I didn’t expect to like this lipstick as much as I did, but I’m wearing it all the time  now and I just had to write a review.

The lip liner in Whirl became quite popular because of the whole Kylie Jenner lips obsession. So MAC created a lipstick to go with it. I am not a fan of MAC lip liners, they are too dry and overpriced for my taste. That’s why I was way more interested in the lipstick in Whirl.

In the packaging the color looks awful, it’s basically brown. When applied on the lips it transforms and it’s one of those shades that look great on almost everybody. The color is quite complicated - brown with a reddish undertone and some pink in it. It’s definitely unique and I have nothing like it in my collection. I think that the lipstick looks better on fair skin tones, but the this shade is quite neutral. From all the 90s lipsticks popular at the moment, this one is my favorite.

The formulation is matte, but it has nothing to do with the old MAC matte formula. Whirl is very creamy and the application is a breeze. It does not dry out the lips, but because my lips are very dry I still use a lip base underneath it.

Like all MAC lipsticks this one is vanilla scented, you get 3 g. of product. Whirl is very pigmented and it will last me a long time. I don’t have any issues with feathering. I definitely recommend the lipstick before the lip liner in Whirl, you’ll use up the lip liner much quicker and it costs almost as much as the lipstick.

If you are still interested in the whole Kylie Jenner trend, I highly recommend Whirl.

MAC Whirl lipstick swatches