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  • 2017-08-17
Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick 1993

You know how much I love lipsticks so I’m sure it looks weird that I’ve never written about a liquid matte lipstick. The reason is that I really dislike them. They usually dry out my lips, they wear off unevenly and I don’t fancy the effect. I’ve discovered only three that I would actually wear outside the house - Stila Stay All day liquid lipstick, NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick and Urban Decay Vice Liquid lipstick.

The lipstick MAC Whirl (more here) was one of my favorites this year so when it was time to repurchase it, I decided to try something new and get Urban Decay 1993. The colors are very similar, UD 1993 is a little bit warmer. You can get this shade as a standard matte lipstick as well.

Urban Decay Liquid lipstick 1993 and MAC Whirl

The packaging

The packaging is pretty, the cap is taken from the old Vice lipsticks. The applicator is precise and easy to use. You get 5,3 ml. of product.


I quite liked the formula. The lipstick is easy to apply, the layers are thin. It takes some time to dry completely so you can still correct your mistakes. It wears off evenly, for me this is usually the biggest issue when it comes to liquid lipsticks. It has no scent. It does not dry out my lips. Of course, you have to apply it on smooth exfoliated lips, but I personally don’t have any problems with chapped lips at the end of the day. I can wear it daily without a discomfort.


This lipstick does not leave traces behind on cups and s.o.. I’m impressed by the fact that it remains in good condition after eating. Usually the liquid lipsticks wear off form the bottom inner lip. I don’t have this issue with UD 1993. Another plus is that you can correct it pretty easily throughout the day. I wouldn’t say that it’s the most long lasting lipstick on the market, on me it lasts  around 7 hours. After that it starts fading and the contour loses its definition. You can prolong its life with a lip liner.


Urban Decay liquid lipsticks come in two finishes - Comfort matte and Metallized. 1993 is a Comfort matte. There’s also topcoat lipsticks that you can use to add an effect.

In a nutshell

Urban Decay Vice Liquid lipstick 1993 is a decent liquid lipstick especially for people with dry lips. It’s not as long lasting as other product you can buy. A big plus is that it still looks good after you’ve eaten.

P.S.The products in this post are bought with my own money and the opinion is personal. Please don’t copy it.

Urban decay Vice liquid lipstick 1993