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Zoeva Cafe palette

I was MIA this month and I really missed blogging. I keep buying new makeup and I have a lot of products waiting to be reviewed. I’m really annoyed with social media’s stupid algorithms. Another problem is that I have zero desire to post “what I’ve bought” type of Instagram and Facebook posts. If a product photo is not accompanied by a review, it looks like you’re bragging, which of course is not the point. Sadly preparing a whole post takes forever. I’m trying to come up with a less annoying and easier way to share my thoughts.

The new autumn palette Zoeva Cafe immediately caught my attention because I fancy green eyeshadows and adore coffee. I fell in love with the colors at first sight. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an eyeshadow palette. Zoeva caught up with the marketing tricks and Cafe is a limited edition product. If you want this palette you need to hurry up.

Pigmentation and colors

The eyeshadows in Zoeva Cafe are mostly everyday colors. There’re few shades that are not as pigmented, but even they are OK for an everyday use. The mattes are great. With this palette, you get a few neutral shades, a few cranberry-brown colors and 3 of my so beloved green eyeshadows. The least pigmented is the color Talk.Write.Read. (you can see how it swatches. Micro Roasting and Shine Bright are the other two not so great shades. You can use all three of them, but don’t expect highly pigmented eyeshadows. There aren’t many dark shades in this palette. It’s mostly for everyday use.

Formulation and quantity

These eyeshadows do not kick a lot of powder. They are easy to blend. You get the standard Zoeva 10 colors, 1,5 g. each.

In a nutshell

I like the palette, but keep in mind that three of the eyeshadows are not very pigmented. The colors are great for fall. Some of the other Zoeva palettes like Cocoa Blend, Basic moment and Rose Golden rank higher when it comes to quality.

Zoeva Cafe palette swatches

P.S. This palette is purchased from Zoeva’s website with my own money. The delivery to Bulgaria casts 4,5 € and it’s traceable. You can find another review of this palette in Merry’s blog link. Our opinions are similar.