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  • 2017-07-09
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk and Valentine lipsticks

I discovered that if I don’t write often enough, preparing a new post takes forever. I’ll try to post more often in July, let’s hope it works out.

Every year Charlotte Tilbury releases two new lipstick shades for Valentine’s day. Actually, I think she did it for the first time last year, but I’m not 100% sure. These lipsticks are supposed to be limited edition. Last year I didn’t get the shade Between the sheets on time and it sold out. We, beauty bloggers, often say that the limited edition products are a marketing strategy and they are not worth the hassle. The truth is that I have a list with products that I’ve missed out on and I often look at it with regret. Charlotte Tilbury Between the sheets is in this list.

When I saw the two new lipsticks this year, I immediately ordered them. To be honest I was sure that they’re here to stay. Pillow talk is the lipstick version of the popular Charlotte Tilbury lip liner. This lipstick is officially a part of the permanent range now. The other shade Valentine is also very pretty and it got a lot of rave reviews. I’m not sure if this one is permanent now, but you can still get it.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk lipstick

The lip liner in Pillow talk is one of Charlotte Tilbury’s most popular products. I own one of the famous lip cheat pencils, but it’s in a different shade. The cool thing about them is that they create the optical illusion of fuller lips. I adore the formulation, but they are not the best value for money, they run out pretty quickly and are expensive. The lipstick in Pillow talk is a better investment because you can use it longer. It’s a matte formula, the well known Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution formulation. These lipsticks are not drying, they are vanilla scented and don’t have problems with feathering. Pillow talk is “my lips, but better” kind of shade. I think it will suit everyone, but it can look quite different on different people based on skin undertone and skin color. On me it looks like a dark brownish nude. I don’t think it makes my lips look fuller. The magic will probably happen when you combine it with the Pillow talk lip liner, but I don’t own it.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Valentine lipstick

I fell in love with this shade the moment I saw it. Valentine is a light pink, it’s in the same color family with MAC Angel and MAC Creme cup. It’s similar to the other Charlotte Tilbury bestselling shade Bitch perfect, but without the coral undertone. Valentine has a white base and erases the natural color of the lips. I was afraid that it’s going to look like a nude, but it’s a pink on me. If you have a darker skin tone it can make you look like a ghost. The formulation is the glossy K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Charlotte Tilbury formula. I like it more than the other one because I’m a gloss girl in general. It lasts around 4 hours on my lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Valentine lipstick swatches

In a nutshell

Both lipsticks are beautiful and the formulations are great. These are everyday shades, Pillow talk is the more universal of the two. I don’t think that they are so unique that you must get them. You’ll probably find similar colors from other brands.