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Clinique Sweet pots sugar scrub & lip balm in 03 pink framboise


Clinique Sweet pots is a duo product, a lip balm and a lip scrub in one. The packaging is super cute, it looks like a macaroon. I bought mine in the shade 03 pink framboise in the beginning of last year. I didn’t get it in Bulgaria and I have no idea whether these are available here now. I didn’t plan on reviewing this product, I even forgot that I own it. I tried the lip balm when I first got it, I didn’t like it at all, so I buried it somewhere in my makeup collection. I didn’t even tested the scrub, because it’s just a sugar scrub. How much would these makeup companies charge you for plain sugar? Recently I’ve been reading a lot of rave reviews of the new Dior lip scrub and this reminded me of the Clinique Sweet pots. I decided to give it another chance. I started using the Clinique scrub and I realized that it’s not just plain sugar. I actually quite like it.

Clinique Sweet pots sugar scrub & lip balm in 03 pink framboise ingredients listThe packaging - This was what attracted me to this product in the first place. The idea is really fun, but there’s something that I don’t like about it. You need to use your fingers. You get the total of 12 g. of product.

The lip balm - I wouldn’t even call it a lip balm, it’s a lip gloss. You can’t use it underneath lipsticks. You can get Sweet pots in a few shades, I have the pink one 03 pink framboise. Applied on the lips, it looks like a transparent lip gloss. The main ingredient in the balm is mineral oil and I’m not impressed with the ingredients list overall. I expected more for the price. The lip balm feels kind of cheap. You don’t get the luxurious formula typical for the high end lip balms like the Dior one. For me, it is totally overpriced. As all Clinique product, this one is fragrance free.

The lip scrub - There’s sugar in the stub, you can see it in the photo. In addition, you get some nourishing ingredients as well. This product really exfoliates well and leaves the lips very soft. The formulation is not as “sugary” as the LUSH and the KIKO scrubs (review here). Sweet pots does not taste of sugar, they smell as the old school lipsticks. I like the scrub, I used it a lot this month.

Clinique Sweet pots sugar scrub & lip balm в 03 pink framboise swatchesClinique Sweet pots are not cheap and you mainly pay for the packaging. The lip balm is not worth the money. The scrub is nice and I’m happy that I can at least get some use out of this product. But I suspect that a lot of people will argue that you can make your own sugar scrub.