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  • 2018-10-28
MAC @PatriciaBright lipstick


I bought MAC and Patricia Bright’s collaboration lipstick when I travelled recently, I have no idea whether this shade is available in Bulgaria. The color looked like a darker version of MAC Whirl but it turned out to be a very dark gothic shade. I had no idea who is Partricia Bright, I hadn’t discovered her YouTube channel yet. She has dark skin and that’s the reason the lipstick was darker than I expected it to be.

The formulation is the MAC matte formula and it performs great. These are one of my favourite mattes. The lipstick applies easily but using a lip liner is recommended because of the dark colour. I haven’t used one for the photos. I wanted to post some swatches on fair skin for the beauty Internet community. We order a lot online after all.

I really enjoy dark colours for fall. Sadly, I can’t sport them on an everyday bases. If I knew the shade was so dark I probably would’t have bought it.

MAC @PatriciaBright lipstick and MAC Whirl

MAC @PatriciaBright lipstick

P.S. The product is bought with my own money and the opinion is personal.