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  • 2018-09-23
L’Oréal Color Riche Shine in the shade 456 #Trending


The new L’Oréal lipsticks got a lot of rave reviews so I really tried to like them. I couldn't.

I was super excited for the new Color Riche Shine lipsticks. I'm totally sick of the whole liquid matte lip craze. I liked the fact that the new Colour Riche Shine are more pigmented than their predecessors. The previous two versions were the one similar to a lip butter and the other one similar to a YSL stain.

I bought the shade #Trending right after the product was first launched a couple of months ago. All reviews online are positive, even Temptalia rated these lipsticks highly. That's why I really wanted to like this product, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Why I ended up disappointed

I won't waste your time and will start with my main issue. This product has terrible longevity and feathers like crazy. When you fist apply it, the formulation is very light and feels almost like water. The lipstick smell of cranberries (at least that's how I would describe the scent). It looks pretty juicy on the lips, the finish is glossy.

After half an hour it starts transferring into the fine lines of the lips and the whole shine finish is completely gone. You are left with a stain, but it's all feathered and the contour of the lips is gone. It's really hard to clean the product without a makeup remover.

I don't expect longevity from such hydrating lipsticks, they are usually completely gone in a couple hours. The problem with Color Riche Shine is that it leaves an ugly stain behind. The formulation is one of those melting ones so you can't leave it in the car or anywhere warm.

Another issue I have with this lipstick is that it's not hydrating enough for me. It's not drying but it's doesn't improve the condition of the lips.

It's not all bad

I own one of the bright shade, it's possible the light shades to be better or at least the problems to be less visible. The packaging is beautiful and the scent is nice. When you first apply it, it looks pretty. But overall, I'm pretty disappointed.

 L’Oréal Color Riche Shine in the shade 456 #Trending swatches

P.S. The product is bought with my own money and the opinion is personal.