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  • 2019-02-10
Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in the shades Pillow talk, Walk of shame and Happy lips


Superstar lips is a new limited edition lipstick formula that Charlotte Tilbury released before Christmas. You can still get the product online. I really liked the formula and bought three of the shades - Pillow talk, Happy lips and Walk of Shame.

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in Pillow talk, Walk of shame and Happy lips

 The quantity

The only downside with these is the price. The amount you are getting is 1,8 g.. The formulation is glossy and melting on the lips, the product will be gone in no time.

The packaging

The packaging is really pretty. This lipstick is as big as a cigarette. The Charlotte Tilbury classic rose gold makes the product look luxurious. A downside is that the lipstick itself is very thin and you may break it. It hasn't happened to my shades yet.

The formulation

I am really impressed by the formulation, it's glossy and nourishing. It feels like you've applied an expensive lip balm. These lipsticks are not very pigmented and do not last long on the lips. Pillow talk and Walk of shame are also part of the permanent Matte Revolution line and the matte ones are much more pigmented and long-lasting. Superstar lips are glossy, but do not feather.

The shades

Charlotte Tilbury released only a few shades for Christmas. I own three of them:

Pillow talk - This is the most famous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. You can get it anytime, but the finish is matte (I have a review here). The Matte Revolution version is a little bit drying for me. I have really chapped lips, most women won't have this problem. I definitely prefer the glossy finish.


Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in Pillow talk swatches




Walk of Shame - This is my favourite out of the three. Apparently the colour is quite different than the matte version. I like this shade and would buy the Matte Revolution version as well.

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in Walk of shame swatches



Happy lips - This is a coral shade, the colour is not unique. I've owned similar shades from other brands.

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in Happy lips swatches



In a nutshell

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips are glossy lipsticks with a great formulation. You get a small amount of product - 1,8 g., which makes them the most expensive lipsticks from the brand.