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  • 2020-04-26


My Goodreads challenge last year was a complete failure, I had absolutely no motivation to read. At the beginning of 2020 my enthusiasm returned. Then the whole COVID 19 craziness happened and I got totally sidetracked, it’s true for most people I guess. I’m trying to catch up with my reading in April. These are the books I read in January and February.

1. The Turn of the Key by Ruth Warefour stars

Page number: 352

Publication date: August 2019

Translated in Bulgarian: no

The Turn of the Key is Ruth Ware’s new book. This criminal novel is not yet published in Bulgarian but we have the first three books by the author. I’ve read In a Dark, Dark Wood(review here) and The Woman in Cabin 10. Ruth Ware’s books remind me of Agatha Christie’s. When it comes to the storyline The Turn of the Key is the most original of her novels. The atmosphere is the book is what captivated me. The story takes place in a smart house with ghosts, a secret garden and ,of course, a murder. Ruth Ware’s writing style is really pleasant and easy to read, I’m definitely reading all of her books. The main character in The Turn of the Key is a nanny accused of the murder of one of the kids she’s supposed to look after.

2. Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzbergfive stars

Page number: 272

Publication date: September 2003

Translated in Bulgarian: no

This is a book dedicated to the metta meditation (also knows as Lovingkindness), it’s a lovely read if you are interested in Buddhist philosophy. It’s definitely worth your time if you are thinking about trying this practice. Sharon Salzberg writes about eternal topics like love, anger and generosity.

3. The Confidence Gap by Russ Harrisfour stars

Page number: 292

Publication date: September 2011

Translated in Bulgarian: no

This is the best book about self-confidence I’ve ever read. It emphasizes on the fact that only hard work and persistence towards a goal can give you confidence that you are good at the concrete task. In today’s world there’s so much information and many people mistake it for knowledge.

4. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

Page number: 300

Publication date: November 2019

Translated in Bulgarian: yes

The Queen of Nothing is the third and final book in Holly Black's popular trilogy. For me it was a disappointment. I didn’t like how the characters developed throughout the story, I wasn’t interested in the storyline either. Jude and Cardan’s relationship was too toxic for my taste. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and I recommend them.

5. Pretty Reckless by L.J.Shen

Page number: 360

Publication date: April 2019

Translated in Bulgarian: no

L.J.Shen became really popular last year with her book The Kiss Thief. I didn't like this romance novel at all. That’s why I was so surprised by Pretty Reckless. It’s the first book of the spin off series of the other L.J.Shen popular series Vicious. The main character in Pretty reckless is a mean girl and the storyline was entertaining.