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  • 2021-08-02
Nivea lip scrubs Reship oil and Aloe

I haven't written here in a while and I realised that I kind of miss writing. Reading blogs is much more enjoyable for me than Instagram and YouTube. I just want to read about the product I am interested in, I don’t want to burden myself with other people's personal issues.

My post today is about the new Nivea lip scrubs. I was very excited to try them so I bought both scents - aloe and rose hip oil.

Nivea lip scrubs














The packaging

The packaging is the standard Nivea lip balm in a stick form packaging. I am happy because I can bring the scrubs anywhere with me and the stick form is hygienic.

The scents

Rosehip oil is definitely the better scent. I think that this one is supposed to imitate the Dior lip scrub ( I haven’t tried it). Aloe is a fresh scent, I guess some people won’t like this one.

The formulation

The formulation is also typical for the brand, Nivea is constantly improving it of course. There’s no mineral oil among the ingredients. The difference between the balm and the scrub is that there are exfoliating particles in the latter one. I am pleased with the formulation, it’s hydrating enough for my lips. The particles are big enough, but not too aggressive.

Nivea lip scrubs ingredients

















In a nutshell

I personally like the scrubs, the pink one is the better scent wise. If you are a fan of Nivea lip balms you’ll enjoy these as well. The scrubs exfoliate and hydrate the lips well.

P. S. The products are bought with my own money and the opinion is personal.