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Maybelline Hydra Extreme lipsticks in Rose Sunrise and Violet silk


Just before I walk out of the drugstore yesterday I spotted these new Maybelline lipsticks. The price is quite affordable - 3 euro, so I couldn’t resist and bought two of them. I decided to try to be a trendy blogger this time and to write about them today.

Maybelline used to offer these lipsticks called Water Shine and Water Shine Diamonds. Throughout the years they had been reformulated a few times and released under different names. Hydra Extreme is the new version of these lipsticks.

I’ve always been a fan of this Maybelline range because the formulation is very hydrating and I have dry lips. Hydra Extreme feels great on the lips, lightweight and not sticky at all. On me they last around 4 hours, but we’re talking about a hydrating lipstick after all.

Maybelline Hydra Extreme lipsticks in Rose sunrise and Vilolet silk, lip swatches

When I was buying mine I was in a hurry and I already had a lot of other products in my hands. I picked two shades solely based on the colours of the stickers and the names. There are a lot of shades in this range - around 15-20. I haven’t swatched them so there are probably more beautiful shades than the ones I own.

Rose Sunshine was actually a great choice - a bronzy kind of shade with pink shimmers in it. This colour is great for summer, the sparkles are so pretty when the sun light catches them.

As you may know at the moment I am obsessed with purple so I bought the shade called Violet silk. The colour is a light pinky purple. The finish looks like a frost finish (but it is not) and I guess a lot of you won’t like this fact. It does not bother me, but this shade is not very easy to wear so I needed to point it out. You can see the swatches for a better idea.

Maybelline Hydra Extreme lipsticks in Rose Sunrise and Violet silkI couldn’t find a lot of information about these lipsticks online - they are supposed to be like a lip balm and to make the lips look fuller. They definitely feel nice on the lips, but I don’t think that they do anything for the shape of your lips. These lipsticks smell nice but not overwhelming, just like the lipsticks from the other Maybelline range the Vivids.

The formulation of Hydra Extreme is hydrating, the price is really affordable and you can choose between a lot of shades. If you are looking for a new lipstick for summer and you don’t need a long-lasting one I recommend to check them out.

Maybelline Hydra extreme lipsticks