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 jessica reward basecoat for normal nails and jessica brilliance top coat


Jessica offers a wide range of nail care products. I bought the base coat for normal nails Reward and the top coat Brilliance. I am extremely impressed by both products.

Jessica Brilliance top coat is a fast-drying top coat and it gives the nails high gloss. If you like Seche Vite but you hate the bad chemicals in it, its strong smell and the fact that it thickens and you can't use it all up, you should try the Jessica's version. Brilliance dries in a flash and you can literaly see your reflexion in your nails. The only bad thing about it is that it does not make your nail polish last longer. Jessica offers another top coat Top Priority that is supposed to do that. They advice you to apply Brilliance over Top Priority. I will definately try this combination soon.

Jessica Reward base coat is the best base coat I have ever tried. The most impressive thing about it is that it makes your nail polish last longer (2-3 days). It is really easy to apply nail polish over this base coat, it made applying the streaky Essie Fiji so easy. The only thing that worried me at first was the fact that my bottle looks kind of yellowish and I thought that the base coat is too old. Then I noticed that the writing and the bottle itself are in a different colour than the writing and the bottle of the top coat. If someone uses this base coat, please commend on it! I didn't have any problem with nail staining. Jessica Reward contains vitamins A, C and E, calcium and aloe, which are supposed to make your nails grow faster.

Both products are free of bad chemicals.

jessica reward basecoat for normal nails and Jessica Brilliance fast-drying top coat