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 vichy idealia BB cream


I really like Vichy and I use a lot of their products. Not too long ago I tried their cream called Idealia. My skin really liked this product but my eyes and my nose disagreed. The problem was that it was very strongly scented. The cream smells devine but it is just too much and it causes reactions in people like me who have a problem with strong scents. Idealia had a huge brightening effect on my skin.

When I heard that Vichy are adding a BB cream to the Idealia range I decided that I have to try it. I hoped that during the day the scent won't bother me that much. Idealia BB cream contains 40ml of product which is more than the 30ml in the most BB creams. The product definitely brightens the face. It won't help you cover imperfections but it will make your skin look amazing. Idealia BB cream contains particles similar to these in YSL Touche Eclat foundation. The product is very hydrating. My skin is very happy with it.

vichy idealia BB cream

Sadly for me Vichy Idealia BB cream is also strongly scented. When I applied it I felt great at first but after a few hours my eyes and my nose started iching. The product itself promises to help even out your skin tone and that's why it contains more agressive chemicals. I am used to consider BB creams really good for my skin - they are always hydrating and with SPF. Idealia BB cream is more like a therapy for evening out the complexion than a typical BB cream. The products contains SPF 25 and promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

My personal opinion is that Idealia BB cream makes the skin look amazing but because of its strong scent and the agressive chemicals in it it is definitely not a hypoallergenic product.

Vichy Idealia BB cream swatch