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 the dip by Seth Godin


five stars

I really wanted to write about some new beauty products today but this morning the weather was so cloudy and it was too dark for pictures so I decided to share with you a very interesting book instead. Seth Godin is a marketing guru, he has a very popular blog. You can listen to his podcast for free. Godin has authored a number of bestselling books. I really like his advices and the way he speaks and writes.

"The dip" is a pretty short book on a very important topic - when we should quit trying to achieve our goal. Since school they teach us that if you want to become someone in life you should never quit. According to Seth Godin successful people quit all the time, but they just quit the right things at the right time. Every person deserves to be one of the best in his field. Most of us settle on just being mediocre.

When you start doing something new at the beginning it is exciting and you feel great. Then it becomes really hard and a lot of people give up, this is "the dip". The curve is illustrated on the cover of the book. After you get through "the dip" you have skills that other people don't have. You have to look for "the dip" and decide whether the efforts are worth it. You can't afford to stay at one place, you should constantly look for challanges, but you should also be strong enough to quit early on if you don't have enough resourses to get through "the dip".

According to Seth Godin the people who often advice you that quitting is bad are the people who have succeeded in winning a market. If you stay long enough in a market more and more people discover you and start recommending you to others. On the other hand if your boss does not like you there isn't much hope for you in this dead end job.