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 Journal for twenty somethings


I discovered Emma Koenig's Tumblr blog (link) last year. It is dedicated to the quarter life crisis, I am sure that I am going through it. If you are a twenty something you know that facing the real world for the first time is not that easy this days. Probably it was never easy.

Emma published her own book last year, but I read that it is not much different than her blog and decided to skip it. This year she came up with a guided journal for twenty somethings. I found the idea to be very interesting and I immediately ordered it.

There are guidances on every page of the journal. There is a page where you are supposed to draw yourself, there is a page where you should write down the top 3 mistakes you've made so far in your life. I wanted to make some photos, but sadly I can't because of copyrights. If you visit Emma's blog you can see pages of the journal.

I enjoyed myself a lot while filling the pages of my journal and I think that it would be fun to go back one day and read what I have written. Knowing that you are not the only person with such problems feels good too.