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 Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE for Christmas 2014


I wanted to publish this post earlier but I had to wait for the sun to come out to take some photos. This is probably the foggiest winter in history.

Since I saw the first photos of Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE I knew I have to buy them. They are part of the Guerlain Christmas 2014 collection A night at the opera, I basically want the whole collection.

Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE for Christmas 2014

These meteorites are different than the other ones that I own Aquarella (you can see them here). Perles D'ETOILE are fleshed toned with gold shimmer running through, the pearls inside are in 6 colors , the shades range from beige to pink. Applied on my hand they look quite dark, but you should keep in mind that I have very fair skin. On my face the color is hardly noticeable, they can be used as an all-over face powder. The shimmer inside is very subtle which surprised me because Christmas powders are usually quite shimmery. The Aquarella meteorites have much more shimmer in them than these ones.

Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE for Christmas 2014

The only downside with Perles D'ETOILE is that they are not as good in evening out your skin tone because you don't get the full range of correcting colors. The packaging is just gorgeous - a gold box which comes with a red puff with a bow. It's really pretty and it looks like a jewel. You get 25g. of product. As usual the meteorites smell of violets.

Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE for Christmas 2014, swatches

You can use Perles D'ETOILE every day and not only for going out in the evenings which was my fear when I purchased this product. They can be a great Christmas present for someone or for yourself. This product is hard to find and it sells out pretty quickly online, but it's definitely worth it. If you can't find these meteorites the ones that are in the Guerlain's regular line are pretty good too.

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