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I am really lazy and I don't like sports. A while ago I discovered a YouTube channel called Blogilates and I really liked the Pop pilates workouts. The instructor Cassey is always so sunny and full of positive energy.

Not too long ago Blogilates released a mobile app for iPhone and Android. I installed it on the day it was released. The app is free to download and it contains all of Cassey's workout videos. She is a huge fan of the Eat Clean diet by Tosca Reno so she has included a lot of healthy recipes that you can try too.
Cassey starts selling yaga mat bags while she is still in college, because she couldn't find them in stores. Today she has a whole line of sports clothing and accessories, you can buy them from the app.

blogilates app screenshots

You can get a personal monthly workout calendar on your phone for 0,89 euro. I think that if you just go to the Blogilates website you can see this month's program for free. There is also a forum in this app where you can upload photos.
I highly recommend Blogilates. You get a lot with this app and it is free!