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  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


"Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell reminded me of my first year at university and the whole mania surrounding the Harry Potter books. The main character Cath is a freshman in college, but she is quite introverted and she does not feel good around new people. She is a huge fan of the Simon Snow book series, he is something like Harry Potter. Cath's hobby is to write fanfiction with her favourite character (new stories with the characters from famous novels) and her posts on the Internet are very popular among the Simon Snow fans. The story is really sweet and "Fangirl" is one of these books that just make you feel happy.

Cath goes to college with her twin sister Wren, but she is very different from her sister and can not accept the fact that she needs to grow up. "Fangirl" is a story about the first love, for the moment that you need to face the responsibilities in life. Cath tries to find her voice as a writer and she is trying to escape the Simon Snow world and enter the real world.

Almost all reviews that I read about this book were positive. The only reason that I am giving it four stars is the character of Levi, the boy that Cath likes. He is described as a really nice and mature guy. I think that his character is pretty unrealistic for a boy at 21. The book includes some of the fanfiction that Cath writes and for me it wasn't very interesting to read Simon Snow fanfiction.

I definitely recommend "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. The book is a light read and it is really appropriate for reading after a bad day. There are two other bestsellars by Rainbow Rowell - the sad love story "Eleonor and Park" and the novel for adults "Attachments".