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 Zoeva luxe cream liosticks Zoeva brushes


I've written a lot about the brand Zoeva. It has become one of my favourites. Zoeva don't have a huge variety of products, but I am under the impression that every time they release a new product it is selected very carefully and by people who really know a lot about makeup. I really liked the shades of the new Luxe cream lipsticks and I ended up ordering three of them because I just couldn't decide on a colour. Now I am quite happy because they are just incredible.

Zoeva Luxe cream lipsticks 03 Melting Kisses 04 Venus Phase 05 Floral crown

The packaging has a magnetic closure and it looks very luxurious. You get 3,8 g. of product. The formulation is just amazing, it applies like a butter, it is very hydrating and it lasts around 6 hours on the lips. There are only six shades in the range, I like them all, but I really hope that they add more colours. I bought 03 Melting Kisses, 04 Venus Phase and 05 Floral Crown. They compare the formulation of these lipsticks to the formulation of the MAC Amplified creme lipsticks, but the Zoeva lipsticks are much more creamy and hydrating.

Zoeva luxe cream lipsticks in 03 Melting Kisses, 04 Venus Phase and 05 floral Crown swatches

03 Melting Kisses is an orangy red colour. I read somewhere that it is a dupe for MAC Watch me simmer, which was a limited edition shade, but I,ve never seen it in person so I can't compare them. To me Melting Kisses looks a lot like MAC Vegas Volt, a lipstick, that I've been wanting forever. At the moment I adore this shade, it is perfect for this time of the year - the transition between summer and autumn.
04 Venus Phase is something between a coral and a pink shade, it is one of these colours that look great on everyone. On me it looks more like a coral shade. My lipstick came melted, when it is hot these things happen.
05 Floral Crown is a bright, but kind of a neutral pink. It has a little bit of a yellow undertone to it. This lipstick is a lot like MAC Chatterbox.

Zoeva Luxe Cream lipsticks are really great, they look and feel like the high end lipsticks.

Zoeva Luxe cream lipsticks 03 Melting Kisses 04 Venus Phase and 05 Floral Crown lip swatches

Because of the shipping costs I decided to add two brushes to my order. I've been wanting MAC 138 Tapered face brush for a very long time, but in the U.S. it costs 53$, in Europe it is even more expensive. I decided to try the Zoeva brush alternative - 101 Luxe Face Definer. This brush was the most expensive Zoeva brush, but it is definitely worth it. You can use it to contour your face and to apply all kinds of powder products - bronzer, powder, blush, highlighter. This brush does everything it promises and since I have it it is one of my favourites. I definitely recommend it.

The other brush was also a brush that I was very curious to try - 235 Contour shader. I am not very good at applying eyeshadows at the outer corner of the eye. This brush does a good job and you can use it for both powder and cream eyeshadows. 235 Contour shader is not an essential brush, but it is a good addition to my brush collection.

Zoeva 101 Luxe definer brush and 235 contour shader