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 KIKO Kiss balms and KIKO Pearly Kiss balms


I have a new obsession and it's called KIKO Kiss balm. I ordered one of these lip balms with my first KIKO order. Then I ordered three more. The reason was that KIKO released a new limited edition collection Pearly Kiss Balm and I just had to try them. KIKO Kiss balms are lip balms in different shades and every colour is assosiated with a different fruity scent. I own two of the regular Kiss balms, which you can get anytime, and two shades of the limited edition KIKO Pearly Kiss Balm collection. Today I am going to show you the Kiss balm lip balms and tomorrow I am going to publish a new post about the KIKO Pearly Kiss Balm collection.

KIKO Kiss balm in 06 Blackberry and 02 Apricot

The formulation of this product is amazing, it is basically like a butter and it melts on the lips. I would say that they are more like lip butters than lip balms. KIKO Kiss balms are not very pigmented, you can see some colour on your lips only with the darker and the brighter shades. The packaging is similar to the packaging of the new Benefit benebalm, but I haven't tried these yet so I can't compare them. KIKO Kiss balm contains mineral oils, but I like the formulation so much that I can get over this fact. This product contains shea butter and Vitamins, it has SPF15. If your lips are very chapped I don't think that these lip balms can help, because they are not hydrating enough, but they can prevent dry lips.

KIKO Kiss balm swatches 06 Blackberry and 02 Apricot

You get 3 g. of product in the packaging. You have to be very careful when you keep these lip balms in your bag or in your car because they melt pretty easily. The product goes pretty fast too. I am sure that I will use up all four lip balms that I own.
The first Kiss balm that I bought and the one that started my obsession is the shade 06 Blackberry. It is supposed to smell like blackberries, but to me it smells like chocolate. With this shade you get the effect "your lips, but better". I am in love with 06 Blackberry. I ordered online and I knew that Kiss balms are not pigmented at all so I basically chose based on the aromas. The other lip balm from this range that I have is 02 Apricot which smells like apricots. I like the colour, but the scent is a little bit too artificial and this lip balm is my least favourite from the ones I own. I definitely recommend these lip balms, but I have to warn you they are addictive.

KIKO Kiss balm ingredients