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Ziaja Goat’s milk day cream


There were a lot of ads in the magazines lately of the Ziaja Goat’s milk range and I thought that it looks interesting. I got sent the day cream.

This skincare range is targeted towards mature women with dry skin. I am 29 years old and I have a combination skin so I was not the best candidate for trying out this product. I wanted to write a review though because its price is very affordable - around 3,50 euro and I think that my post would be helpful.

So to make this post possible I had to make my Mom test it. She has an extremely sensitive skin and she’s allergic to almost every cream. So don’t think I made Ziaja a favour here.

Ziaja Goat’s milk day creamI really like the packaging - it’s very simple and clean looking. You get 50 ml. and the price is really affordable. This cream does not have SPF. The formulation sinks into the skin quicky, it hydrates well. Ziaja Goat’s milk has a strong scent to it, it smells of some sort of a perfume. I don’t like it, my Mom did not liked it either. The scent is not that strong, but if you have a problem with scents like we do, you should keep this in mind.

My Mom liked this cream. It’s appropriate for women with sensitive skin. She has a very dry skin and she described it as a light hydrating cream. I don’t think that it’s a light cream, but as we know it depends a lot on your age.

Ziaja Goat’s milk day creamWomen with dry skin need to constantly buy hydrating creams. They will like the fact that Ziaja Goat’s milk* is not expensive at all. I would describe this cream as a good affordable hydrating product. I don’t think that it has some sort of an aggressive anti-age action, that’s why is good for sensitive skins. The ingredients are not bad either.

Ziaja Goat’s milk day creamZiaja is a relatively new brand here in Bulgaria and I haven’t read a lot of reviews about their products. Have you tried something by this brand?

 *This product was sent to me for review consideration